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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Studio time

Hello everyone. It has gone back to being a bit cold and cloudy today. A typical English July! In the studio, I took photos of what I made Saturday.

Rabbit with chubby cheeks

Enormous ears!
Rabbit with Bob's eyes!

I had such fun making them. They are made with crank clay. I often use it for hand building because it is forgiving for my rough handling.

Jane and Maggie, the ceramic lecturer, collected these pebbles from Wales. They took undergraduates to International Ceramic Festival at Aberystwyth. I didn't go because my essay deadline was close to it and also it is the other end of the country; it takes six hours by train, and eight hours by car. Jane and Maggie drove. Jane told me that they had a good time, but she might take trains next time. I am not surprised.
These pebbles resemble those I used to see at riverside in Japan. Bluish grey with white lines. They look like minimalist art.
Pebbles from Wales
This morning, our dogs went berserk. I was feeding parrots upstairs, but checked from the window, I saw this. 

Duck? Rabbit? What's that? 
Rabbit tail?
It was a large fluffy Siamese cat looking down at our pumpkin. I got worried, so I put dogs into crates, and went out to the garden to shoo it. But it didn't move. I clapped hands and went close to it. It started moving very slowly. It refused to jump down the wall, but walked very slowly on the wall and the fence about 20 meters in total to go to a neighbour's garden. Before I went to the studio, I carried Pumpkin back to her run. She is not safe when such a large cat is around. 

Dogs were frustrated. They said 'We could chase it!' but, of course, I don't want that. I hope the cat won't come back. We have baby birds and sparrow's nest box in the garden. The last thing we want is a cat hanging around. 


  1. Hello Midori !
    I saw masks, i saw pebbles, i saw dogs in your blog... These are things I love very much :)

  2. Hello Ilona. Welcome aboard! Thank you! : )

  3. Wow! That is a really large cat indeed. But maybe a harmless one, I hope. Perhaps he was just curious. Glad Pumpkin is safe. I love those heads, the big ears and the chubby Rabbit. So cute and do look great fun to make. Minerva x

    1. He probably has a lots of hair, but still very big! He could be too slow to catch Pumpkin but she was alerted. Thank you, Minerva. I love making masks!

  4. Love the bunny head and the big ear boy. Glad you told us what that was on the wall I didn't have my glasses on and would have guessed swan !

    1. Thank you, Willow. : D It didn't look a cat. It looked way too big to be a cat. : D