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Monday, 15 July 2013

Chameleon left Canterbury

Hello everyone. It has been a lovely weather here. The best part is low humidity. In Japan where I am from, summer is dreadfully humid and sticky. Even so, the house becomes too hot with windows closed for parrots and dogs, so I decided to stay at home in the afternoon.

In the morning, I popped in the studio to start the kiln, then went to post office to send the chameleon to a wonderful lady in Australia.

Smiley chameleon
 She came out of the kiln last Friday.

On Sunday I enameled her eyes and fired her again. 

She is flying to Australia.

Yesterday I also showered parrots. They love showers, and I used to shower them frequently until I became student. They enjoyed so much that I will shower them again next weekend. We also washed cage grates in the garden, as well.

Wet Beaper. He is good at whistling and mimicking microwave

Then we found more and more chores to do! I finally turned up the rims of my summer trousers I bought in March! I had thought there wouldn't be any occasion for them this year until recently. I don't like sewing much. I only do, when I have to. It took me about two hours to turn them up. Next time, I would buy narrower trousers! 

We had late lunch in the garden. We cooked tempura from vegetables from the garden. The most delicious one is runner beans, Succulent and tender. 
Runner beans
Fruits are ripening, too. Most cherries were eaten by wood pigeons, but we covered some branches. We should be able to harvest about 20.  

Our fist cherry
We have lots of raspberries. They are Pumpkin's favourite. She jumps from the ground and harvest some by herself. When she lands, there is heavy thud. It's funny! She is a heavy chicken!  ('How rude to call me a heavy chicken!')
Our first this year
Crocosmia is in buds

Lavender is in bloom.


  1. She is a most beautiful chameleon :) Lucky lady in Australia! Your harvest looks delicious...what beautiful photos.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. I sent the lady photos; she is very happy with her! : ) We hadn't expected too much this year due to the long severe winter, but veg and fruits are doing just fine. : ) Wonderful Mother Nature!

  2. Love the texture, love the glaze, love her eyes, her smile, her feet and her hair style.
    I too have wonderful crocosmia lucifer about to burst into bloom but my veg :(. Your fruit look so perfect. Only male flowers on my cougettes so far.

    1. Thank you, Patricia. The lady requested a tranquil chameleon. I hope I got it right! : )
      Mike has looked after the veg very well. Courgettes' flowering come in a wave; male-female-male-female etc.. The first flush of flowers are always male. I'm sure you will have lots of females soon!

  3. What a grand growing garden you have Midori.
    Glad to see Beaper ... African Grey parrots are so smart !

    1. Hello Willow. We have crammed lots of things in our small garden. : ) Beaper is the engineering type. He loves to unscrew bolts and knots, also to re-configure a puzzle toy. : D

  4. I so LOVE this Chameleon. Everything about her is wonderful, the colour is fantastic and the glaze glows. Your garden sounds lovely, ours is a little parched, I must water more. x

    1. Thank you, Minerva. She seems to be a popular girl! ; ) Our water butts have been empty for days. Watering vegetables is a major job! : o

    2. Also meant to say that I love Beaper too. I have had many birds as companions too and love the way they enjoy a shower. x

    3. I will tell him. He really loves compliments! I'm going to give them shower now. It's too hot here even for parrots!