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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Hanging workshop

Hello everyone. I went to a hanging workshop today. It took me some time to dig out summer clothes, a summer bag and a pair of sandals this morning. (well, I have never needed them until today) The windowless studio was hot. We brought some of our works and did a mock-up exhibition. I was so preoccupied to find summer clothes and a hammer, I forgot to take my works!

Summer sky!
 Everyone wears summer clothes. Yvonne's pretty socks caught my eyes.

Lacey socks go well with the cute shoes.
Yvonne surprised me when she said the thin rope is her hair! She said she has never thrown her hair away! She rolled hankies inside willow barks, and tied with her own hair.

Yvonne's secret

Angela planning the layout
We brought all our tools. I brought blue tac and a hammer without my own work, so I helped other students. I always think that tool boxes, and sewing boxes, for that matter, tell what their owners are like. This is Tony's. He is neat, clean, tidy and organised.  
Tony's tool box
 We finished hanging before lunch time. We were happy with the result.

A view of our hanging session. 
Mike and I had already arranged a lunch at Cafe du Soreil. But others went to a pub garden. On the way, I saw this. A model of sparrow hawk was hung. I guess lots of little birds flew in and got panicked in the past. So it must be prevention. 

Spot a sparrow hawk. 
And also this door! This used to be a cart door for goods to be put inside. I don't think it is used now, but I like it. Shame about the sticky labels.

Obsolete card door

We finished our workshop at three. I walked back home. It was so hot. When I got home, the first thing I did was take a shower. Next was asking Mike to serve ice cream! Then I watched the rest of the women's final at Wimbledon. The last time when I saw Bartoli at Wimbledon final, she was a still young woman. It was so nice to witness her victory.  


  1. good to see the sparrow hawk there, I love old doors.

    1. Hi, Linda. There are lots of very old doors and gates in Canterbury. I hope I can share some of them in future. : )