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Monday, 1 July 2013

A walk with Topaz

Hello everyone. Summer is still with us. We are making the most of it. I spent making masks a half day in the studio on Saturday, and again this morning, but I keep missing photo opportunities because either I was too hungry to stay longer (Saturday) or I parked the car illegally (this morning) so I had to go back as soon as possible. I am making progress and I hope I will be able to snap shots tomorrow.

After work, I took Topaz to meet Mike on the campus. It is our custom in summer. Topaz is nine, but you won't believe it when you see her running and jumping in the grass.

She is busy running and sniffing,
 Scale clouds! We often see them in Japan in autumn.

Topaz is always ahead of me. 'Wait for me"'
 We are going to see Mike after turning the corner of the hedge. He is walking back from a college today.

Yeah! It's Mike!
 We walked a bit farther and found the pond had water lilies.    

We are so lucky to live very close to the campus with a full of wildlife. There is always joy and surprise.


  1. Those water lilies are amazing! Our tiny pond has only tiny ones - as I suppose would be natural, but I love the way this one is all covered. Topaz is a wonderful dog. Minerva x

    1. I love water lilies. You are lucky to have them in your pod, big or tiny. : ) Topaz is a better companion for a walk than Pearl because she comes back when she is called. Pearl runs a straight line until she can't hear us! We have to search for her each time! : D