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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Progress in the studio and fun at home with new chameleon.

Hello everyone. Although I skipped going to the studio yesterday due to heat, I spend one to two hours there almost everyday. It was cooler today, so I felt more comfortable, and I was able to think.

I am doing the finishing on the big ears. He looks a bit distressed!

Big ears
Large 'Out of sorts' was bisque-fired. I will take time to add more colours on her.
Out of sorts - bisque
 Inside the head is as crazy as before!

Out of sorts 
In the garden, we are having bonanza with raspberries. Birds are eating them, but there are still plenty for everyone.
From the garden
I have just finished this boy. Yes, I have spent my evening making something at home. It seems mad to make something with clay after having spent three hours in the studio, but this is my relaxation! Meet this chunky little fellow. He has definitely something to say!





  1. Of course for some , the epitome of relaxation is making clay chamelions and eating fresh berries from the garden ... it actually does sound fun ! :)

    1. Hahaha! It is! And patting dogs and feeding Pumpkin also help to relax me! : )