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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Walk in the Blean woods and Mike's peas

Hello everyone. How was your weekend? We had a hot one! Yesterday morning, I popped in the studio with Mike. He moved the second chicken sculpture into a kiln for me. After tweaking the back, I became a bit cautious. After that I had stayed at home, and kept myself cool, but Mike was busy doing errands.

In the afternoon, we took our dogs to Blean woods. I thought it would be cooler. It was in the shade. I was looking for the beach tree. We couldn't find it. Next time, I will re-trail the route we took last November.

a rotten tree

'Not only my ears are long, but my tongue, too!'

Our garden is full of wild birds. Amelanchier has lots of ripe berries. It attracts various birds, such as black birds, green finches and wood pigeons. Fruit trees attract blue tits, a flock of longtail tits and so on. There are of course, regulars, like sparrows, dunnocks and robins. We saw more birds in the garden than in Blean woods yesterday.

Young Black bird
Garden flowers are also in bloom. Silver flowers stand out under the apple trees. 

 Mike's veg are doing very well, too. We have harvested our first peas yesterday.

I popped peas out of the pods. Pearl stayed with me,  just in case I might drop some. Yes, I did! She loves peas. They are very sweet!

Mike's peas
 Mike cooked pasta with peas, spring onion and pancetta. The recipe is from the River cafe book. He only cooks this dish when our peas are in season. This year, we grew spring onions, too. So both are in this dish! Very delicious and quick to cook!  It goes well with Australian white wine.
Mike's pasta with pancetta, peas, and spring onion


  1. Amazing weather we're having isn't it? I have to say, I would like it to be a little cooler for making pots. So nice to pick your own veg from the garden..so far I only had some radishes and fresh basil, but they were delicious. Your peas look wonderfully green! :)

    1. Yes, so lovely after several years of summerless years! :D I can't leave the house in the afternoon because our parrots and dogs would suffer from heat with all windows closed. So I will make something smaller at home until 'ordinary' English summer returns. :) We can't eat bought peas and beans after tasting those from the garden. Fresh basil is lovely! Ah, I can almost smell it as I type! : )