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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Chicken puzzle and the joy of making little ones

Hello everyone. I had a breakthrough on the chicken head in the studio today. After I cut off the head, I looked at it, and came up with this. What do you think?

In the making
 This is not finished yet. I will make a wing and add it tomorrow. Backside is even better!

I love the window!

Inside the head, I added this little chick. It is a mini-chicken, a kind of mini-me. : D

I came home to a find Mike cooked a lovely pasta with his own courgettes; I rang him when I was leaving the studio. He grows delicious vegetables every year. After a dinner with a glass of white wine, I usually go back to a day work (well, evening work), but today there wasn't much business news, so I went back to clay, after spending five hours in the studio!
This is our Pumpkin! So sweet! I made her for Mike's birthday. But she is so sweet that I might list on my shop! : D 

This is a sitting whippet in the making. I have been asked if there are any other postures of whippets from customers. I was thinking a couple of postures. One of them is this. Once the clay becomes firm tomorrow, I will sculpt it.

In the making
Oh, I forgot to tell you, but we, part-time first year students, are going to have a small exhibition as a part of the MA show in September. It was suddenly suggested and accepted last Saturday. I have already sold some of my recent works. So I will make several new ones this summer for the show.  Pity I postponed the reduction-firing to September. Never mind! I will come up with something good, I hope! : )


  1. Look what I missed while I was slow getting here ... did I miss Mikes birthday ? Happy Birthday Mike !
    Oh yes I do love the present of Miss Pumpkins' little figure ! lol Now I shall have to send you commission to make my whole flock !!! Curly frizzles and silkie chickens should prove a tiny challenge ;)

    The whippets are quite keen too.

    I actually enjoy all things you sculpt. I look forward to seeing how the BIG chicken evolves !

    1. Hello willow. Sorry, I should have made myself clearer. Mike's birthday is still two months away. He loves Pumpkin so much that I thought he should have mini Pumpkin on his office desk! Hahaha! I love your sweet chickens! How many have you got? I will hone my skill with Pumpkin model! : D