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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Art in Clay in Hatfield and Susanne Lukacs-Ringel's beautiful porcelain

Hello everyone. Mike and I went to Art in Clay in Hatfield today. We have visited several times in past. We usually get caught by rain, but, today it was just lovely, sunny and hot!

As we drove from Kent to Essex, we cross the Thames via the tunnel under the river. On the way back, we go over the Thames with this a beautiful bridge. I thought nobody wants to see the picture of the tunnel, so I share that of the bridge here. ; )
Woohoo! A nice view!
I saw two old style Double Deckers on the motorway. This one is really old one. Probably it was made in 1950's. I also saw the one I used in 1980's. People including myself used to hop in and out when the bus stopped at the signals. It was a fun! 

Old style Double Decker
Hatfield house is a very old house built in early 17th century. Lord Salisbury still lives there. The ground is huge. It is a park.

Hatfield ground
 While we were sitting on the bench and eating our lunch, I saw this. Huh? Topaz!

The dog jumped up to the air to kiss the lady on the right. 

She looks just like Topaz! 
I took this photo from distance, so I guess the dog is a bit larger than Topaz, but the appearance and behaviour were just like our Topaz. She and Pearl were well looked after by our lovely Theresa at home.

There were several marquees in the ground. We saw this display in one of them. This dish is large, about 60 cm in diameter.

In the first marquee, I fell in love with these beautiful porcelain made by Susanne Lukacs-Ringel from Germany. (Links at the end)
Porcelain fired in wood firing kiln, Anagama, Japanese style kiln.
Last year she has visited a potter in Japan. She told us that she had very exciting experience there. She is a friendly nice lady. It was such pleasure to purchase her works. We bought a pair of coffee cups and saucers.

Outside has orange blush

Saucers and inside are celadon. 
She apologised that she only had crumpled papers to wrap them; new ones were already ran out. We didn't mind. We are recycling type! She gave us this Japanese bamboo spoon. Isn't it lovely?

Japanese bamboo spoon

It looks very nice with the set!
And I kept the best part until now. A sneaky view of inside. See? Now you know why I fell in love with them.
Beautiful celadon
 And the back of saucers have this beautiful warm orange colours.  I love them!

After that, we got some ice cream. I had rum raisins, and Mike Vanilla. £3 each per scoop! I first thought it was rather expensive, but they were delicious! Mine had real rum in it! So I think it was worth it.
Mike is ordering ice cream. : )
It was about 29 c. We went from autumn to summer suddenly. 

Sheep look hot, too! Fleece needs to be cut!  By Jonathan Barrett-Danes
 Mike took this photo. He said that water looks so attractive in this heat.
Sarah Cox Ceramics
We bought our ceramic supply and decided to head back. Mike spotted a nice vintage Mercedes. There were lots of Jaguar, Audi and Mercedes and Porsche in the parking.

Ours? This little red Toyota. : ) I am resting while Mike took photos.

Our little Toyota., Yaris 
Mike was taking this scene. Many exhibitors have stayed in tents for three nights for this show.  I always think it's a tough job. I can't bear. Remember? It often rains. But this year, I hope they had pleasant camping.

Once we were back home we watched Andy Murray's victory. It has been a lovely day for everyone. (well, except for Djokovic...)

Susanne Lukacs-Ringel's Website
Her main gallery

Hatfield House

Art in Clay


  1. I always think those double decker buses look top heavy, love the plate and the cups look wonderful.

    1. They are remarkably stable. : ) She makes delicate yet dynamic work : )

  2. Estou passando para apreciar sua maravilhosa página e agradecer por estar conosco.
    Muito obrigada e volte sempre.

  3. I spent a fun day at Hatfield too, on the Friday! It's a great show and so nice to have sunny weather this year. I like your purchases very much .. Susanne Lukacs-Ringel's work is very delicate and subtle. :)

    1. So glad to know that you also had a lovely day there. One of the exhibitors told us that it had rained every day last year. Susanne's works are so beautiful. Meeting exhibitors from abroad is one of the joy of visiting Hatfield! : )