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Thursday, 15 December 2011

I am attached to the monster with a horn.

Nameless little monster
Hi everyone! Although I said that I would not fire him yesterday, I changed my mind. I am attached to his goofy face with long eyelash. I wanted him to become 'alive. So I made a body this evening.
The body looks like a bit bowling pin.
I am thinking to 'dress' him, too. I have got an idea already. Grin.

I usually don't write about my day work here. But this is a bit funny, at least, to me, so I mention here. One of today's big news is that Christian Noyer of Bank of France, said that UK should get downgrade before France. Hahaha. I could see the French are getting desperate and want to blame somebody else, otherwise the governor of the central bank is unlikely to say anything like this, which you would hear more often in play grounds. Just in case, you are not aware, France is facing downgrade; they might lose AAA rating.

I was following the news, and head of business in The Telegraph wrote an article on this, which starts with 'Gallic pride'. I read it as 'Garlic pride'! I felt his accusation is about this level! The telegraph article.

By now, you might wonder how 'the lady of the house' is doing.

Warning!We don't have lavendar coloured wall- Mike took pictures without proper setting.
She insisted that she is going to sit on a chair while I was watching business news on TV after dinner. So I gave her my chair and got another one for myself.

We had a light dinner today because Mike had a long business lunch, and I ate one too many fried chickens at lunch time. But we got hungry later (typical!), and ended up nibbling everything possible in the fridge and cupboard. We must go to super tomorrow. I hope there won't be much snow tomorrow.   

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  1. Typical of Pearl to get the seat next to the radiator :-)