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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Winter flowers and Pearl's evening

Hi, everyone. Even though I intended that last week was my last day work before Christmas, I was working this morning again due to lots of issues in EU, as well as volatile movement in the market. In true sense. I never take off time except for the days when markets are closed. Even so my work life balance is not bad, because I work from home. Instead of commuting or having a chat with colleagues, I hang laundry and walk dogs.

 There are a few flowers in our garden right now.I found them whilst hanging laundry, so there is a good thing with hanging laundry on a cold morning!
Algerian Iris

However, I heard Merkel is off for holiday, I should be following her. I took an afternoon off, and took a saucer to our friend Cynthia. I threw the saucer on a wheel separately, so I guessed the size. It seems it was a bit too tight. Cynthia said the cup has been on the table to look at because it is pretty. I begged her to use it, and to tell me how she feels about it.
Cup and saucer
I got a chill this evening, so I didn't work on the head I made yesterday. Instead, we watched an old episode of Poirot on TV. I love the style and house decoration.In the meantime, what did our princess Pearl do?
She slept,
Oh? Is she going to wake up?
No, and she slept.

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