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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Priggy on bathing costume, wine, and today's Pearl

I am Priggy.
Monster have got a new name now. His name is Priggy. Mike is godfather, I am mother, and pearl is his sister. He now wears his bathing costume.

I wanted to underglaze his costume, but the clay has dried too much. The problem in winter; radiator dries clay too quickly and too much. I have to bisque fire him before decoration.
Priggy's lion's tail.

We had a busy day today. After all, it is the last weekend before Christmas. This year, we decided to spend Christmas alone and creatively. To do that, we went to Majestic Wine, and stocked our cellar first (Em, just a cupboard).
Today's shopping
Although I am much smaller than Mike (clothes for 11-13 years old, or size 8), I drink more than him. Oh, don't take me wrong. I usually drink only a glass of wine or cider a day, and maximum two glasses a day. But I drink everyday. Sometimes twice a day at both lunch and dinner, dependent on the food I have. If the definition of alcoholic is based on frequency, I might be one. But I really know I am not when I saw one of my friends took the wine bottle we couldn't finish into the hotel room, and held at the neck of the bottle (she had never let the bottle go!), and drank it all in a teacup by herself, while another friend and I drank tea. That's alcoholic! 

My advice to her was when she meets a man at the first date, she should never keep holding the bottle of the wine in front of him.

Mike pouring Dom Villargeau Giennois

Now, I will go back to our story. I initially wanted to buy a case of Sancere and Puilly-Fume, and some nice red which goes well with roast beef. When I was looking at Sancere, Mike eavesdropped a wine adviser was telling another customer, that Domaine de Villargeau, Coeaux du Giennois is located between Sancere and Puilly-Fume. It is very similar taste to Sancere, but cheaper. So I dropped Sancere, and picked what he heard. To check on that taste, Mike had it with coley, I with Alaskan wild salmon this evening. It was round taste with a depth. But the best Sancere I had had deeper taste. We will try with different dishes.
Ovened salmon, Pea butter rice, spinach and broccoli

Last but not least, today's Pearl corner. She embarrassed herself when she found a cat on the road during afternoon walk. She squealed so loud that I saw several lace curtains twitched. But after dinner, she was like pictures below.
There is a doggy in TV.

But I am sleepy. ZZZ

Once I fell into sleep, Dad went to spoon-feed our parrots.

But this is more comfortable than being on dad's lap.

He came back and claimed his chair. Oh well.

Night night everyone.


  1. Priggyちゃんどんどん進化しますねー


  2. 響さん(改めて、素敵な名前ね!)。目標(締切)を失って創作意欲が減ったのか?プロモーションとマーケッティングをしていたので、創作脳が減退したのか?単にそういう季節なのか?創作に努力が必要になってしまいました。だから毎日手を動かして勘(乗り、勢い)を取り戻そうとしています。Priggyは練習だったのですが、情が湧いちゃった。