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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sukiyaki lunch

On Saturday we had year end lunch with our new friends. They are animal lovers. Those who don't like animals often suffer in our house.

Topaz the mad dog barks incessantly (we can't stop her), Pearl swirls around you with joy, Scooter, the grey parrot, flies over your head, Beeper, the another grey parrot, beeps and alerts with fire alarm sounds and Fifi screams to deafen you. When you try to get out of this madness, Pumpkin the very friendly but bossy chicken pecks your hand and legs, hoping that there are some peas to be given.

Not such worries for our new friends. They wanted to meet everyone. We introduced them to Pumpkin, Pearl and Scooter. We kept Topaz in the car inside the garage due to her own request.
Kaori greets Pumpkin

Scooter was quiet in front of our friends even though he was chatting away before he met them. He kept contact calls to Beeper who was still upstairs.
Preparation for lunch
Ben is vegetarian, so I made sukiyaki, and Kaori made powerful Korean dish for vegetarian.
Homemade pannacotta
On Sunday, we cleaned up the kitchen, and chilled.

The peak for my day work has passed, so I am hoping that I could start working on a new clay work sometime very soon. I have spent lots of time marketing and promoting this year. They are important, but now I like to experiment with new clay I bought in summer and also to create some DoGoo before our January course starts. I have got a couple of ideas, and they are taking shape in my head.

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