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Thursday, 7 March 2013

A nice surprise and the start of my creation period

Hello everyone. It has been a busy week for me, so far. We had two spring days. But I spent them in a meeting, and in the office, and they were gone. But I took a photo. Only one. It's an iris. They usually start flowering in December, but this year they are really late. We have had a dark cold winter. We will go back to a cold spell, but I hope spring is not very far away.
Algerian Iris
Last night, we had Simon's presentation in our art critique class. It was his second presentation. I like his paintings. They became more dynamic and powerful. He raised a bar for the rest of us.

So I was tired when I came home about 9:15 last night; I replied to lovely comments in this blog, and went straight to the bed. This morning I have checked them more in detail, and found that my banner is on Mrs Black's This n That! Imagine my surprise! Her blog has the atmosphere of a little pretty antique shop, and I think she runs one in reality. The images of fairy and old stories in her blog always tickle my heart.

I finally started making something new this evening. My sleep disorder became too bad so I had to do it. (my sleep disorder is only cured if I make some figures in the evenings - it's a spell!) I just started without plan. I take a bit of time until I remember everything, such as how soft clay should be for certain parts, how to move fingers and hands smoothly. I became a bit rusty. So it was a trial and error, but I am looking forward to seeing what this head is going to be.

What's this? I don't know yet! 




  1. Oh that's a wonderful shot of that iris such a clear blue.

    1. Hi Linda. Thank you. this thrives on neglect, and I like that! : D

  2. Midori, I really enjoy reading about your artwork and adventures. It was a pleasure to mention you. We are indeed vintage dealers in our little corner of The Emporium in Hungerford. Thank you for the kind comment. I love your head, and that Iris. Minerva ~

    1. Minerva, thank you so much. Your website is full of wonders. It reminds me of the day I first visited a little shop in Tokyo, which sells European vintage toys, ceramics and furniture. : ).