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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The cat and the whippet who sits on my chair

Hello everyone. It has been very cold here in Kent. There has been a freezing dry wind blowing. The wind reminds me of that in Tokyo in the winter. Tokyo winter is often sunny, but it is bitterly cold due to the Siberian wind.

I have been busy preparing for tomorrow evening's presentation lately. I am almost ready. Tomorrow I will pack all my sculptural works. I hope nothing will break during transit! Although I wanted to take photos of assembled works, as I mentioned earlier, I was not able to because it was too dark, and because I haven't got a set up for a larger work ( I just found!). Mike offered to help me tomorrow afternoon when he will be off work.

So all I could show is the cat. It is now complete. I like him! He reminds me of the last cat I had in Japan a long time ago.
The middle part is going to be reduction fired, and others are oxidation. That's a plan.

When outside is like this...

Yesterday morning
The best thing is to snuggle up with a warm whippet! Pearl comes up to my office every afternoon to share my chair. It was ok when she was smaller. Now I have to perch at the edge of my chair, still being pushed out gradually.

She always puts her tongue out when I take photos. She seems to feel a camera pointed is threatening, even though I do my best baby talk to make her relax!


  1. Good luck with your exhibition, I hope you take some photos to show. I know about that bitterly cold wind, we lived in Arkansas some time ago and the winds from the north, Canada, would swoop down in the middle of the USA and cut right through our clothing no matter how many layers we were wearing. Sweet whippet, she must be cold when she goes outside, they are so thin skinned.

    I am curious how you reduction fire part of your work and oxidation another part when they are all in one piece?

    I like your stacking glass bowls in the background, those look perfect for mixing up stains and under glazes.

    1. Thank you, Linda. Presentation went well last night. : ) Pearl shivers with cold even in June! (English summer is rarely hot!)

      They are separate pieces, piled together. I will attach them after all firing are done.

      Yes, I bought the stacking for a pound or so. It is very useful. It is made from rigid plastic, so it makes squeaky sound when I open and/close it. That's not nice, but for a pound, I can't complain!