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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Cat with a bell and Mike's almond biscotti

Hello everyone. Winter is back. We even had a bit of snow falling this afternoon. I hope it won't get too bad tomorrow. I have finally finished assembling and making temporary mounts for my ceramic sculptures. I would be able to carry and display them safely for my presentation on Wednesday. I really wanted to show you some photos, but it was too dark to take good photographs today. Shame! I may have to wait for a couple days until proper daylight comes back. Forecast for Monday and Tuesday is for snow. : (

I have worked more on the head. It is not finished yet. Flash made him look a bit spookier.


Oh, I have to share these with you instead! Mike baked almond biscotti yesterday.

Mike's almond biscotti

I love them with dark coffee.

He bakes them twice. 
600g of almond biscotti.

He added 50% more almonds. I love almonds! 

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