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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Posting trip, enthronement and celebration dinner

Hello everyone. We had an action packed day today. First in the morning, Mike, I and our dogs walked to the post office for posting an order. It was a brisk walk. When we came home, dogs were very tired and went to sleep.

Post office trip - spring flowers I could find were closed crocus! (Mike, Topaz and Pearl)

Pumpkin is fluffed up, too.

Then after reading on the Budget, (yesterday our Chancellor announced the budget) and news on Cyprus, we went to the town. Tomorrow will be our 18th wedding anniversary; Mike wanted to get chocolates and a bouquet. Because the enthronement of the Archbishop of Canterbury was going to be held at the Cathedral, I went with him to have a peek. Prince Charles, Prime minister and other dignitaries among 2000 guests attend this ceremony. We went to the main gate; we saw lots of bishops entering the Cathedral.
Crowd at the gate of Canterbury Cathedral

Back home, we watched the live program on TV, to see what's going on inside the Cathedral. Mike soon spotted our neighbour holding the pastoral staff for the new Archbishop. He wore a white ceremonial frock, and looks very different from the man we saw with his spaniel in wellington boots!
The details of the gate (the white dog is the ancestor of Pearl? )

The head on the wooden gate - Nose job. 
Then I worked a bit more on the 'apple bread' sculpture. Before too long, we went out for our anniversary dinner at Michael Caines at Abode.  Tomorrow night I will have to attend art theory class, so we decided to celebrate one day early. We had very delicious meal; I had crab cannelloni, pork belly, and raspberry eclair with lovely Kentish white wine 'Dry Flint'. The restaurant was crowded with those who attended the enthronement ceremony as well as locals. Michael Caines' service is always superb, and the taste is very good and stylish.

When we came home, I found another sale on my shop, so I have just packed it. What a nice way to end the day!

But don't be jealous. We are still in winter; maximum temperature is still 4-7C. This is very cold even for England for March! One of my friends in Japan just told me that they had 28C! One good thing of this cold March is that we can eat a lot, but we don't get fat! Ah, I miss bright sunshine!



  1. Midori I loved seeing your dogs today, we were on a similar post page there. Pumpkin is a lovely looking chicken. Must have been interesting to be at the gate of the cathedral !

  2. Hello Willow.Topaz has similar markings and colours to Gabby. : ) We are having 'farm-feeling' as much as we can here. ; )

  3. Lovely to see your dos among the crocus and pumpkin all fluffed up, happy anniversary.

  4. Hello Linda. Thank you! : )