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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Delivery to Etsy office in London

Hello! I hope you had a good day! Yesterday I delivered my work for the Etsy Art exhibition to the Etsy London Office. It was quite close to St Pancras, where my train arrived.  I took a bus; it was just 7 minutes ride. I was not familiar with the area, but thanks to Google maps, I soon found my way.

Here it is! The familiar orange logo!

The staff were in the meeting. I told a lovely lady on reception how to handle the sculptures. Just before leaving, I noticed that there were lots of clouds hanging from the ceiling! She said they were to prevent echoing. The building looks like some kind of old industrial building, and the ceiling is very high.

So I asked permission to take photos, and took a couple of photos, Then Rebecca appeared from the meeting. I might have been too loud! She has looked after all of the artists in the exhibition, She was so friendly and lovely! It was so nice to meet her and the friendly lady. I assure you that Etsy staff are as friendly as I imagined!

Here are lots of clouds!

I was not able to enjoy London because there was lots of work waiting for me in the studio. But I walked back to St Pancras to see what the area is like (... and a daily exercise!). I got the train and came home without being caught in the rain! A happy ending!

Please come to see the OPEN exhibition to see our work and meet the Etsy team and artists! : )

Here are the details.

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