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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Fireworks and Kent Eye

Hello! Yesterday was the 50th anniversary for the University of Kent. They had a big event with music, food and, of course, the Kent Eye. We decided to go there to see final event, fireworks starting at 8:15. It takes about 10 minutes on foot. Mike wanted to go 30 minutes earlier. I asked, 'What are you going to do in the dark among trees?' He was quiet for a second, and said 'Ok, we will go at ten to 8'. I said 'It takes only 10 minutes, so we will leave here at 8.' Now I know how all mothers of little children feel! :D 

It was the first live fireworks we saw since we got Topaz, 11 years ago. We stopped going because she is scared of fireworks. 

We walked without a torch in the pitch dark field where Mike treads four times every day. There were only a few people walking and, of course, they had torches! The moonlight was our only guide. I was in front. When we turned we could see street lights, and suddenly heard him saying 'Where are you going?' I was on the path, Mike was walking into the woods! 'Where are YOU going? Come back to the path!' He realised he was off track. He murmured 'I was attracted to the light like a moth.' Now I know how all mothers of little children feel even more!    

As soon as we got there, it started. What a spectacular! It was so beautiful, and I was moved! (Remember I haven't seen fireworks for 11 years!)  We were standing where big ones are coming down. I got worried that my hair might catch fire, so I hid under a big tree. 

When four tall ones starting falling like rain, they lit up the people below. We had no idea there were people there. It was like a scene from a film. It was another wordly experience for me. 

Kent Eye was beautiful against black sky. It had a long queue.  Those on it saw fireworks from there! How wonderful! 

The Cathedral was lit up.  

On the way back, I was tempted to walk in the dark field again. I like dark places! :D But when I thought about the risk of twisting ankles, I suggested that we should go home on the pavement.

Here is the one. I thought something would appear from the dark. Mr Tumnus, hopefully, at least a fox. But none.

I had good inspiration, and I will not forget the evening for a long time!  

... And I like to walk in the pitch dark field again! It was fun!

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