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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

What a busy week!

Hello! I have made lots as if there were no tomorrow this week! That's how I felt.

I meant to fit the heads and bodies today, but After packing and posting work, and then making more for the firing, when I noticed, it was already eight in the evening. Then I loaded the kiln. So I called it a day. I will be in London for Etsy Art Exhibition  for a few days , so I may not be able to finish them until next week.

I made a couple of cherubs for Windsor Contemporary Art Fair in early November. Hello Windsor! I have never been there. So I'm excited to peek the castle from afar! :D They are in the kiln now.

The kiln is not fully packed, but I'm satisfied. I always feel bad when I fire it empty. I like efficiency! 

Bottom shelf

Top shelf

Here are a few pieces fired last week!

My first wren. He is tiny! 
The trio now lives with a lovely lady in Birmingham. 


  1. Sweet wren...thanks for the peek into the kiln...

    1. Thank you, Charlene. The wren ca be on my finger tip! : )