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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Orange is perky!

Hello! I have made a good progress on glazing today. I must do, as deadlines are coming. The first one is 8-9th November at Windsor Contemporary Art Fair. Bisque firing went well, and that was relief! I don't want any nasty surprise at this stage.

Tuesday, after I came back from London, I made several hounds in various poses.

I had to wake up at dawn to load the kiln yesterday morning! Beautiful! 

Lower shelf

Top shelf
I have posted a beautiful crackle glazed whippet to a lovely lady yesterday, but then, I felt so tired that I was not able to concentrate on glazing. Going to London four times in a week was a bit too much! Lots of coffee and the best quality truffles were required! 

I treated myself with Godiva truffles.
Then, look! I received a beautiful thank you card from Rebecca at Etsy! How nice! 

Being perked up, I made an anteater! Two hounds are fresh from the kiln!

 Tomorrow will be another glazing day! More coffee! :D

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