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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Firings and more firings - success and disaster

This week has been madness. I have done so many firings that I lost count! I have also been mainly glazing for 9-10 hours a day. It is quite tiring. Today was back to back firings. I unloaded the the kiln, first in the morning, and loaded for glaze-firing.

Monday morning- Glaze-firing. Are you ready? Start!

Tuesday - back to back firing. This is top shelf. 

These two didn't have space in the kiln. 

There were several whippets on the lower shelf. Ah-oh! This new batch of bronze glaze is disaster! It needs adjustment... and it needed more tests!

Yesterday - Because of potential loss of whippets, I had to quickly make more! So I also made three bunnies! :D

Anteater, masks and accessories! 

The first this morning, I unloaded the kiln. All are safe! 

Empress seems happy,too! 

Back to back! The kiln was loaded for glaze-firing. 

After this, I spent a half day to pack and send the orders today. One of them was a complicated one! I hope they travel safely


Look at this brochure. My Hope is in it! I will be at Windsor Contemporary Art Fair, 8-9 Nov. PV is on the 7th. Invitations and more details are here


  1. I hate it when shelves get drips like that; so sorry for your shelf. I see you use quite a bit of sand to fire on. I usually only put a small amount.

    1. I use sand to support work. But also protect from oxides etc.. Mike removed the glaze from the shelf. It was same recipe. Sigh. I might have made a mistake with measuring. :(

  2. oh good to know about protecting from the oxides, now that I am already firing, will have to use more in subsequent firings, thanks, have a great show coming up, love the cherubs

    1. You are welcome, Linda. I noticed some dark underglaze also stains the shelf. Thank you. : )