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Friday, 1 May 2015

Kim Dukhee and Anita Besson - People I met in CAL

On Friday morning at Ceramic Art London, A gentle lady talked to me in perfect Japanese. 'We are from Japan.' Imagine my suprise. I hadn't used my Japanese for ages. I struggled to reply back. She is a talented Korean ceramic artist, Kim-Dukhee.

Kim Dukhee

She had just finished her exhibition in Tokyo and flew in to see Ceramic Art London. How wonderful! An Angel and an anteater flew back to Tokyo with her. I was worried if the delicate floral wreath on the Angel would survive the flight, but she told me they had all arrived safely.

They came back on Saturday for another look, and I already felt like she was an old friend!

You might see her beautiful works in London next year. 


On Sunday, the last day, at CAL, a lady talked to me. She told me that she loves my work, How nice! I have told her about how I feel when I make my works. They would come to me rather than I make them. She said 'Wonderful!' We chatted more. Then she told me she used to have a gallery. She is Anita Besson. I said I know the website. I used to visit there to see beautiful ceramics before I started making sculptures. 

So I met Ms Besson, the owner of legendary ceramic agallery, Galerie Besson, which closed in 2011. I hope to see you again next year! 

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