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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A photo diary of a ceramic artist

Hello everyone. This week our kiln is working almost non-stop. Once it becomes cool enough, I will load the next work and start it again. A busy week indeed. Here is the diary so far!


Sunday morning, Bisque-firing-1 starts early morning.

 While the kiln was on, I made another large whippet. Previous one had pinholes on the glaze.

First stage

Final whippet
 While waiting for the whippet to dry to be carved out, I built the body for this cloud.

She looks a bit like fish! : D

Even after the that (it was already after 9pm), the whippet was too soft, so I was playing with clay, and she emerged. I fell in love with her!

Mysterious girl. 


Monday morning started with drying damp guys in the oven (please don't try this at home!)

They must be dry before going to the kiln.

The kiln became cool enough to open. All bisque looks successful. Phew. What a relief!

All fired well. 
Then I unloaded the kiln. Noon, the whippet became dry enough to be fired. The kiln was loaded for Bisque-firing 2.

While the kiln is on, I have been finishing some of my other work. Wind would go to the second glaze-firing. The pink patches on her head will become blue.

 Once eyes are coloured, they transform.


The kiln became cool enough to open mid morning. They have survived firing. Sigh of relief!

Bisque-firing -2 
Then the kiln was packed for glaze-firing-1. I started the kiln at lunch time. This reminded me of a commuting train in Tokyo!

The were placed very carefully. 
It got to 600 C by 7:30 this evening. It will finish about 1 am in the morning (1260 C /2300 F). I will be able to open the kiln about noon tomorrow.

In the evening, I have decorated Mike's porcelain bowls. The black goes on first.

Mike's porcelain bowls

Then the red.

Then clear glaze. They will be ready to be fired tomorrow. 
We are now preparing for glaze-firing-2, the fourth firing of the week.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes. A half day off on Saturday is the only relaxing time for me recently! : )

  2. Your work is all so interesting! I feel that the clay is brought to life when you touch it. (I like the Fish lady!) I also really like Mike's bowls. x

    1. Thank you, Minerva. I love making and colouring faces. The most exciting part for me! I hope the bowls are fired successfully. Fingers crossed.

  3. So busy and very exciting to see all of this as you become famous for your talent !

    1. Thank you, Willow. I won't become famous! : D A bit too busy again. Still I enjoy the smell of roses on the table; I took your advice. : )

  4. Your models look so alive and ready to get on with living their lives.
    The bowls are beautiful and simple,just how I like them!

    Happy weekend,

    1. Hi Ruby. Thank you! They talk to me while I create them! So they are almost alive to me!