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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Saturday walk in Canterbury

Hello everyone. Thanks to the early night yesterday, Mike and I both felt much better this morning. I had a lie-in, one of my most favourite pastimes. Just before lunch time, we went to the High street to get sourdough bread in the market.

It was a grey day. But Canterbury festival banner was cheerful

A typical grey day in late October
Sidney Cooper gallery was still closed. They open at 11:30 on Saturdays. Both are listed buildings. Yes, the painter Sidney Cooper used to live and paint here. 

Sidney Cooper gallery before opening time
 The library was open. The building is full of character!


I checked my poster is in the library. I had asked a receptionist to put it up about one week ago.

I liked this decoration! So cheerful!

In front of a cafe

Then I found a dog sitting on a chair in a different cafe!

'Who do you think you are?'

The Cathedral from a quiet back street.

Peek at the Cathedral
The baker who sells sourdough bread we went to get was not in the market. A bit of disappointment. But never mind. Pearl was pulling power. She got lots of attention from whippet lovers!

'I was very popular!'
After lunch, Mike went to hairdresser. He came to my room to show his new shorter hairstyle. I told him that he looks like an acorn! After that he went to parrots' room. Beaper wolf whistled, and Scooter beeped. Perhaps alarmed! I heard Mike talking for parrots 'Poor guy, he was plucked by another bird! Look at his head.' Do you know he talks to parrots (that's ordinary), and he replies to himself for parrots? That makes me laugh!  At least he didn't bother to ask sleeping dogs to give comments on his new hairstyle.

I have worked for about five hours to build Breeze and Cloud II's bodies. It was fun, but that's maximum length of time I could concentrate on. 

Tidy up is needed on my table!


  1. Thanks for the Canterbury walkabout Midori. Your little dog is beautiful. I think our Poppy is part whippet,maybe even half,but as she was a rescue case,who knows........
    I love sourdough bread,one day I mean to get around to making my own!

    Enjoy your week,

    1. Hi Ruby. I checked your dogs. There are several photos on your site. Do you have them all? : ) I love sighthounds because of their easy lazy nature. It suits to me! : D Mike used to make sourdough bread. It was very sour! : D Now we buy a couple in the market.

    2. I have three......Rocco died in March and Louis belongs to my son,he sometimes joins us on walks.

    3. I see. How lovely to have Louis as a walking company once a while! : )

  2. Canterbury is a nice city, we stayed at the cathedral lodgings once and it was quite magical to get inside the close when it was shut for the night. Your post reminded me of the nice things that there are to see in the town. I love the photo of the dog on the chair!

    1. Hello Jenny. What a nice place you had stayed! The cathedral finally lost all scaffolding and it looks magnificent at night when it is lit up. The dog showed such strong character! : ) Thank you.

  3. Hi Midori ,
    I very much enjoyed the post walk in Canterbury !
    Looks like the area is very dog friendly with dogs sitting right at the table :)
    Pearl looks beautiful , I imagine she got many wonderful compliments.
    Your poster looks quite happy up in the library.
    Tell Mike I talk and answer for my bird too ~ actually sometimes Buttercup talks for himself and all I have to do is answer ha ha

    1. Hi Willow! The dog really made me laugh! : D Yes, Pearl is head turner! A lady from the library came out of the building and patted her for a quite long time! She wore a beautiful dress; its colour was just like Pearl's coat! : )
      You, too! : D He talks for parrots, dogs, a chicken and wild birds. Luckily he doesn't talk for me! : D