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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

You can't believe it is Whitstable!

Hello everyone. I finally returned to my day work today! I had neglected it for a long time; the longest in record! I am in a lucky situation as I work for myself. I also went through about 200 business emails. I feel better now that it's all sorted.

This evening, I went to hear a talk by Naiza Khan at the Sidney Cooper. She has flown from Pakistan for the show. I happened to sit behind her parents. They looked proud and delighted to see her. How nice! My mother doesn't know that I showed my work in MA show let alone that my new show is going to start. I have been too busy to send her detailed email for a long time. But I will tell her this week.

Sunday, we went to Whitstable to see Invisible Cities exhibition organised by a friend, Sandra. Mike was still struggling with virus, but weather was nice and it was quite warm, so we took our dogs to the beach before visiting it. We were glad we did.

Look at this! You can't believe this is Whitstable in October!

Whitstable beach

We noticed that it has our dog's name on it! 


Sky is blue and water is blue! 

We couldn't believe that it was so blue everywhere! But don't be fooled. This is rare. We have seen blue water only twice in our 20 years! Usually it's grey, both sky and water!

Everything looks prettier against blue sky!

The exhibition was interesting. In the room there were about 20 painted muslin sheets hung from the ceiling. They were made by people with mental disability. Sandra organises the show every year.

Invisible cities

This morning, we found dinosaurs foot prints on the doorstep.

The owner of the feet is this lady.

Pumpkin lost her tail.
She is moulting; she has lost her perky self. She is out of sorts. She is also a bit clingy. She follows us everywhere. I am also a bit out of sorts. My head is puffy from allergy. I have drunk lots of water to detox. Still puffy.  Now I want to make another sculpture based on my puffy head.


  1. Hello Pumpkin,
    I hope you are feeling better today ,
    I know moulting takes a lot of energy out of you.
    A few of our girls are going through the same right now, as is one of the roos.
    They are a bit slower than usual ,such a process indeed.
    Nice to see you , eat well and your new feathers will be in before you know it ! :)

    1. She is getting perkier now thankfully! She is happy inside the greenhouse on rainy days. : )