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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Artists Open Houses and Bisque firing

Hello everyone. Last Saturday, Mike was playing with my brand new website, and somehow broke my blog. His fat finger wiped out all customisation I had added on it. I hastily put them back again. But we noticed that when you see the blog, all comments are hidden. Individual post shows all comments. He can't fix this yet. Mike is IT veteran of 30 years although his specialisation is in a different part of IT. He thinks the new Java isn't updating the blogger properly. So we will go like this until Java gets debugged.

Last Friday we went to an Artists Open Houses PV in a beautiful house in Bridge, near Canterbury, with Hania and other local artists'. I met her during my MA show. she talked to me with twinkle in her eyes 'I love your artist statement!'. We hit it off since then. She is a stone sculptor. She showed abstract sculptures made of Caen stone, limestone among other materials. They are all beautiful and inviting to be touched.

There I met Heather, a painter. She recognised me from the Clouds show PV. Her bold landscapes look great in a beautiful setting. You can glimpse her painting on the left in the image.

We also found lovely Tina, oil painter ( she also works in Sidney Cooper gallery) and her friend Marianne, a stone sculptor, there. We had great fun!

If you live in Kent or surrounding area, why don't you visit Artists Open Houses. You can make a trail in each city/town. 19/20, 26/27 October and 2/3 November.

Tina and Hania with Hania's stone sculptures 

Hania, Heather and other five artists' works can be seen at Samain Studio, Bridge Hill, Bridge, Canterbury, Kent CT4 5AS

You can download the pamphlet from here.

I have been working solid. Saturday 10 hours, and Sunday 8 hours. I have finished making 6 sculptures for a gallery. They were bisque fired. As Saturday was a full moon, it was the perfect night for making rabbits. I have made gigantic ones!

I sent this photo via twitter, Then a lady I don't know replied that she was admiring the same moon from a NY to London flight on that night! How nice! 

I have also made a gigantic whippet.  The small white one is the one is 9 cm high, and is available on my Etsy shop. It was difficult to make much larger ones. 

Yesterday, I posted the last standing rabbit . As usual, I took Topaz to the post office. On the way I found this. How beautiful! I looked around to see where this came from. Among some old cherry trees, a young maple was standing. A jewel like this on the ground, walking in autumn is fun! 

But Topaz is not interested in such beauty, She is busy reading her doggy twitter messages on the ground.

Updates! All were bisque fired safely!


Wind, whippets and other rabbits

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