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Monday, 7 October 2013

My exhibition is ready!

Hello everyone. How relaxing to be able to write blog in the evening! Last several nights either I was unwell or working until late. Thankfully I have recovered although poor Mike is still struggling.

It has been rather hectic with setting up the show, and with continuing refiring. But I am pleased to say, all have finished today. I have taken photos of the room, but because of the sunshine coming into the room from the large Georgian window with panels, they don't look good. So one day I will try again before the sun comes around. Also there are perspex covers on display, so they cause me another headache, as usual. (I am always running late for parking, so there wasn't time to take photos!)

But Jane the ceramic studio tech sent me an email that my work caught her eyes when she was walking back home last Friday. She said that my room took her breath away. How nice! I have also had to tell people who wanted to come inside that the gallery is closed while I was setting up. As my room is facing the High street, lots of people looked inside the room. How lovely!

The mask on a commission

A lady tried to enter from the locked door, so I explained it will be open later in the week. She said 'I am from Australia'. I didn't know what to say. I couldn't say I am from Japan, can I? So I said 'Very nice to meet you!' She looked a bit puzzled. But after that she was talking to her friend 'Look at that chicken!' so loud that I could hear from inside. How wonderful to hear people's comments like that! She was talking about my little chicken. I made it in August, but quite not sure how to make legs. Mike started making legs with wire last night, but he had to retreat to the bed due to fever. So I took it over and finished it this morning. I have never done metal work before, but the chicken is proudly standing now. One regret is that I was in rush this morning that I didn't have time to take photos of her! But I can tell you it was very cute in very artistic way!

Masks show various expression from different angles,

After finishing all preparation, I went to post office to send a commissioned mask to Netherlands. I drove about 5 minutes; I almost caused minor accidents three times. At post office, the lady at the counter who knows me said 'What's wrong with you today?' after I gave her wrong amount of money twice. Well, I am having one of allergy days with my head swollen. Since then I am quietly doing all admin work at my desk. (It's safer!)  

or in different lights.


  1. Wonderful poster (card?) I wish I could see your exhibition in person. The photos are breathtaking! Much success for your opening :)

    1. It is a poster, Charlene. Thank you so much! I am finally relaxing, and get hair cut! : D It's overdue!