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Sunday, 13 October 2013

New masks - part 1

Hello everyone. After a good rest, we feel relaxed and refreshed. I starting creating new work for part 2 of the exhibition. Creating gives me deep joy. It is so nice to get back to normal. It's discovery really! Being normal is bliss! We finally got rid of exhaustion, and celebrated it with a half glass of wine at dinner. We had been dry for more than one month now.

Last Wednesday, we changed our ISP. Since then there have been hiccups. My PC lost connection on Thursday (I had to take a day off from my day work!).  My tablet also had connection problems on and off.Thanks to Mike's professional tweaking here and there, now all the PCs and gadgets are reconnected.

Today I will share some of new masks in Clouds, my exhibition in the Side Room at the Sidney Cooper Gallery at Canterbury. This room has lower ceiling, wooden beams with a large Georgian window. Lovely curator, Hazel, called the room tricky, but I saw it as characterful!

I made this mask as a child in Syria. Any wars are bad enough, but civil wars leave such deep scars in the countries for a long time. I keep thinking about those children caught up in a very sad and horrible situation.  

Discussion II
As I revisited ' Discussion' for a commission work, I made another. In art theory class, we were not allowed to have different opinions and/or views from the course leader. But I stuck to my view and I didn't budge. Quite often I felt bitter. When I came home one evening after an especially stormy class, I made original mask.  

Looking for the answer.

Do you know the moment, you started feeling the answer you were looking for is coming close? That's the moment I wanted to express in this.

Who's there?
He is a gatekeeper. As usual, I experiment a couple of things on this mask. I love his ears. Mike called them rugby players' ears, but to me nice ears! Most people have asymmetrical ears. Mike has one side a bit squashed because he said he sleeps on the side. One lady I know has a much larger ear on one side. I only became aware of the details after I started making sculptures.

My exhibition, Clouds part 1 continues until 9 November.

The Sidney Cooper Gallery is 5 minutes walk from Canterbury West station. 1 hour from London St Pancras Station via HS1. Please come!  


  1. I think we all have many asymmetrical bits.......which is interesting. I love the way you get so much character and feeling into your heads.

    Happy Monday!

  2. Hello Ruby. Thank you! None has a perfectly symmetrical face or body. But I didn't pay attention to that before. Mondays are relaxing days for me. I hope you had a niceday. : )