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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Does anybody like glazing?

I woke up with more good news. The imp has arrived in Norway. That was quick. The lovely Ellen said it took her 5 minutes to unpack him! I make sure that every piece is well wrapped. : )

Now he lives in Ellen's office with Hippocrates. 


I have spent Tuesday and Wednesday glazing. It is sad to see how few pieces you can glaze in two days! No wonder there aren't many millionaires among glazing ceramic artists! :D Well, except for Grayson Perry, of course.

Dipping rabbits in a glaze bucket was quick. Then cleaning and tidying up pinholes, eyes, the rims and so on will take literally hours. This is Tuesday's work.

Waiting for glaze-firing

Then yesterday, these tiny fiddly things took me a day. The most time consuming ones to glaze are the little chickens! I should be charging a fortune for them, but, of course, I can't! Ladies and gentlemen, if the little ones are priced higher than large ones in my shop, there are good reasons.

This little fellow is also on the shelf, if you look carefully. I have used underglazes. The difficulty of underglazes is if I mix colours by myself, I don't know exactly what colours they would be until they are fired. I have seen shocking results before! it was so shocking that Mike banned me from using one particular colour ever! (... blue) I hope he will be a lovely brownish grey.   

Anteater is being fired right now.

The garden is full of blue flowers.
Balloon flowers

Agapanthus with a cat mess protection net! 
 The studio dog convinced me that she is the descendant of Ammonites! 


  1. how do you deal with pinholes? sometimes I can't get the glaze to adhere no matter what. love the anteater and those balloon flowers are wonderful been years since I saw one.

    1. First, I wipe all bisques with a damp cloth to remove any dusts. After applying glaze, I will use fingers to fill the pinholes. Certain glazes are more prone to pinholes than others. It also depends on the temperature of firing. It sounds like your bisque has oily spots. In that case, you have to re-bisque to burn the spots. I always wash my hands before touching bisques. : ) Thank you. I'm waiting for the kiln to cool down. : )