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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Zorian Artworks, Brighton, has my works now!

Can you remember when you didn't have broadband? We lost connection for one day sandwiched by two days with non-existing uploading. It was like the Middle ages. I couldn't attach a Word file to my email, or the tiniest image for my twitter. Thankfully yesterday morning, it came back. I have uploaded lots of images and files quickly, just in case it goes down again!

Last Saturday Mike and I went to Brighton to drop off my works at Zorian Artworks. We met Zorian at the art fair last month, and he offered me to have my works in his studio/gallery. He is polite, very friendly and very tall, about 2m! I am tiny even at Japanese standard. From me, he looks very far away! :D His gallery is located in front of the beach, 5 minutes walk from the Pier. He is a painter himself, and his marine themed works are no doubt inspired by the view from his place.

I have always wanted to have my work on show in Brighton. Some of my works are either too edgy or funky to be shown with my other works. I have sold some of them on Etsy and at the Sidney Cooper gallery, but I have thought they would fit better in Brighton, the city of of artists, or the edgy part of London.

We left lots of works of all sizes. Among them, this cat is available to the public for the first time. The larger version was in the MA show last autumn. The middle part was reduction fired in a gas kiln. Other parts were oxidation fired in an electric kiln. I assembled them after firing.

Cat - available from Zorian Artworks
A chameleon also went to Brighton.
Available from Zorian Artworks
I also left a medium size, 'The answer was in the box'.  It is larger, about 15cm high and 15cm wide, than the one on Etsy. I tend to sell smaller works, which are easier to ship, on Etsy, as lots of customers are overseas.

Forest Boy is also there.

Just before we were leaving, a lady was interested in my masks. I started talking to her about them, but then I saw Zorian smiling, so we left.

There are more and also colourful Zorian's works as well as other ceramic works. If you are in Brighton, please check out Zorian Artworks at 246 Kings Road Arches, Brighton, right at the seafront.

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