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Friday, 25 July 2014

Water Girl flew to Norway

I had a busy week. I am currently working on 7 different projects. None of them is too big, but I need to keep them going. A funny thing is that my studio downstairs is cooler than my office upstairs by several degrees. When I think I have to do this and that on PC upstairs, I climb up stairs and sit at my desk. Because of the heat, I forget why I came up. I have done this several times. And then I go down and start making, then my memory comes back!

It has been a good week, too. I have received three commissioned orders for a trio of whippets. They came in a one after another. How wonderful!

Water Girl flew to Norway

Sweet Water Girl flew to a lovely artist's home in Norway. As Norway is not a part of EU, I have done some research on import duty. I found original work of art has 0% rate on duty, just like in US. I have also found lots of other countries have duty free on original work of art. That's good to know. Prior to this, I was reluctant to list my larger works on Etsy. I didn't want my customers to go through paying duty and handling charges. Nobody likes doing it.

Edited (7 August 2014) : I am informed that Norway custom office charged the duty on Water Girl.

She is on the stand Mike was commissioned to make for a lovely lady. It is a travertine base with an acrylic rod. It is well made, and it shows the mask beautifully. I'm thinking to stock the stands for my shop in future.

Here are some recent photos to share from my studio. First, the 3 sets of whippet trios. Height and length will be similar after firing, but they are all different. It is the joy of making original works!

 And more rabbits. The left one was spoken for. : ) They will be bisque-fired sometime next week.

If you would like to have your own trio of whippets, you can commission me at midoritakaki on Etsy.


  1. great stands!! Kind regards Anne Corr

    1. Mike saw your comment, and he was very proud. : ) Thank you, Anne.