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Saturday, 19 July 2014

The worst ever firing

I had the worst firing ever. All rabbits were ruined. All of them. A half month of work became rubbish. Sigh. 
What happened? They had a wrong glaze. How did it happen? Glaze storage manager, Mike, told me the bucket was white one. I pointed at the label saying 'clear'. He said that it was wrong. He had put the white glaze into this bucket. Never believe him. Believe the label!

Now you know why glaze ceramic artists don't become millionaires (reason 2 - the reason 1 is in the previous post). I am making loss! I was cross and disappointed. Some of them were for a gallery. I'm making more rabbits rather than packing them for delivery this weekend. 

Then, after a while, I thought about those who were in Malaysian Airline shot down over Ukraine. The firing was disappointing, but nobody was hurt. There were much worse things in the world. You have to view everything in perspective. I forgave Mike. I started making more.

Although all rabbits will go to a bin, other ones came out mostly fine, thankfully. I have already listed three pieces of works from the firing. 

As I typed this, two are already gone. : ) So chin up and smile, Midori!

Little Anteater - Sold

Monkey -Sold
 Pierre is available from my Etsy shop!




  1. I love the way you think Midori!! Feelings are powerful, but feelings combined with thinking and awareness are a far more potent combination. Bringing perspective to everyday circumstance is a blessing; you are an epic success!! best regards, anne

    1. Thank you, Anne. Disappointment is unavoidable once a while, but we have to bounce back sooner or later. If so, sooner is better. : )

  2. oh yes, I agree with all that you say in this post. Very disappointing to have to remake so much work but no-one was hurt. Anyone serious about working with clay has to learn to let go of those disappointments and sometimes something new can arise from what appears to be a big loss at first.

    1. Making 'down' time short is my way of not to be overwhelmed by self-pityness. Keep calm and carry on is one of the best things I have learnt in UK! :D