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Saturday, 9 May 2015

I'm up and Mike is down.

I have finally recovered after taking lots of naps. Mike is down instead!

From yesterday I started making more tapirs for the Tapir waiting list. Here is large, small and tiny tapirs. They have got goofy eyes!

Large, small and tiny!
 Here is a photo of small and tiny babies.

I made these before I succumbed to tonsillitis last week.

My first robin for a lovely lady.  

Last weekend we went to the woods nearby to see bluebells. Romantic and dreamy. 

Except for Pearl. She was searching for squirrels! She was not impressed by flowers! 

This terrible smell is overpowering ! How could I find the scent of squirrels among this?  


  1. sorry to hear that your fellow is down.. hope he is soon fighting fit.
    The bluebells remind me of the ones I saw outside the Wedgwood centre when we visited a few years ago... glad you are back to creating.

    1. Thank you, Anna. He is getting better. Bluebells are magical, aren't they? Only thing I saw comparable is the wood with lily of valleys in Hokkaido, Japan. But not this scale. : )