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Friday, 29 May 2015

Between the Rhone and Saone - Lyon

The area close to confluence of The Rhone and Saone rivers is mostly a UNESCO heritage site. The view is wonderful and there are lots of old buildings. 

Mike and I went to La Croix Rousse, where silk workers used to live. It is on a hill, and another lovely place in Lyon. 

As it was Saturday, there was a market. 

Produces are about 1 month earlier than in Canterbury. Apricots were already there. 

The smell was so good here! 

There, we finally found the first sighthound in Lyon. 

A lurcher walking his master.

We took a metro to get there, but we walked down. It was such a pleasant walk!

La Croix Rousse
Then we spotted a redstart! We also saw a black redstart in the courtyard of our hotel. How lovely!

A redstart

A redstart
I saw this wall plaque. She is so beautiful.

All buildings are in warm pastel colours, from cream to salmon pink. 

La Croix Rousse
Traboules in Lyon are famous.

Some buildings are open to public.

Inside traboule
When we walked down to central Lyon, we found a very handsome whippet peeking form a shoe shop! The first whippet in Lyon!  I had the honour to pat him!

We took more photos of gargoyles in the Gothic church, St Nizier. I love gargoyles! 

We sat outside for a lunch. It was warm.  

There was some floral events in Lyon. Here is a bizarre installation. 

My favourite is this! La vie en rose!


  1. what a lovely exploration of Lyon.. I've only been through there on the way to somewhere else so thank you for showing me what it looks like up close.

    1. It is the second largest city and gastronomic capital in France. It's worth a visit or two! : )