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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tapirs and anteater were posted!

The cooler weather in Canterbury hit me, and I got a chill after I came home from France. But now acclimatised, I'm back to English weather mode! :D

I have been busy packing for a few days. Some for a gallery and others for lovely people! I will show you what I have posted yesterday here, although I have more photos of Lyon to share with you. They can wait!

Several tapirs were fired successfully before we left for France. The Tapir waiting list started moving, again.

They went to lovely ladies.
  Anteater is also ready. He is a handsome chap! He went to a lovely girl's home. 


Packing and wrapping done! 


Topaz and I went to see Mike at lunchtime yesterday. Everywhere is green. So refreshing! 

Mike brought more boxes for me and you! 

Dogs sleep away in the sun.

'I'm concerned I might be going to have criss cross suntan!' 

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