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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

They found lovely homes!

I did the first firing in two weeks. It was a bright sunny day! The kiln was powered by solar energy in part. Good to be ecological!

Today, I am going to share the works sold for the last three weeks.

They went to lovely ladies. I would like to make more blackbirds when I get more time.

Blackbirds - sold

One hopped to France and one to England. : )

A commissioned work for a lovely dog lover.


Owl, Jazz, is my comeback piece to quirky animal figures. I was asked what the owl is holding, if she is holding anything, by a lady owner. In fact, she is laying an egg!

Owl Jazz
The white rabbit I didn't take to London, went to a lovely lady in the USA.

White rabbit

Sky, the cherub, travelled with the rabbit above. 

Sky, cherub

Fores Girl, Primavera, flew to the same lady's home.

And another bronze glazed whippet found a lovely home. 

Thank you so much! : )

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