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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Young people who helped me at Ceramic Art London

My stand

I have been unwell for a week. Finally I gave in to Tonsillitis. That's what happens if you work too much and too long! But now I'm on the mend. I have a couple of naps and go to bed before nine.  Sadly I haven't got back to the studio yet. I get too tired to by three in the afternoon. I usually work in the studio from afternoon to evening.

Wolf corner

I have cleared all the backlog of emails, other paper work and packing. So I feel light and free!

Big head corner

Today I am going to tell you about a couple of young people who have helped me during Ceramic Art London. Claire Bliss helped me to man my stand on Friday afternoon. Mike had to drive the van home on that day. Without her, I wouldn't have been able to cope. It was very busy! There were loads of visitors and constant sales. She helped me packing and talking to them. She and I shared the studio at Canterbury Christ Church university a few years ago. She was in the BA course, I in the MA. Since then we have been friends. It was so busy on Friday afternoon. So no photos were taken then but here are one of Claire patting Pearl the whippet, and one at her recent exhibition. Thank you, Claire!

Taken when Claire visited us. 

Claire at her latest exhibition

Another is James Duck. He helped us with loading the van on the last day. He is one of the Royal College of Art students who worked at Ceramic Art London. He was also in the BA course, but one year later than Claire. The students at Royal College of Art were hard working. I thought it is very good experience for them as once they became professional artists, this is one of the things they have to do all of the time. They also showed their work downstairs. Lots of visitors enjoyed seeing new talents.

James working as a janitor

I thought what is this rubbish , but with a closer inspection, it is not rubbish. They are someone's ceramics. Each has fragile tapes on it. 

James is tall and I'm little

Our hire van was very full. 

The end.

Claire's website: http://www.clairesart.org.uk/Normal/index.phtml

James' website: https://www.jamesduck.com/

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