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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

An evening at Cafe du Soreil

Hi, everyone. We had two things to celabrate today. First, finally summer has come to Canterbury and UK. Second, today is the last day before my one month break. So we went out for a meal at Cafe du soleil after work.

We both ordered pizzas and beers. I forgot to take photos of them. But I suddenly remembered after I had eaten the first spoonful of desert. lol

Mike had an orange and lemon cheesecake with mango salsa.

I had a dark chocolate almond cake with vanila ice cream on top.

Serivice was great and friendly. We had a stroll along the River Stour after the meal. It doesn't get dark until nine right now. This is one thing I really like about the English summer. 

This morning, when I was hanging laundry, I found something in the pocket of Mike's white shirt. It was this! A cute stamp washed and spinned in the laundry machine was still one piece. It is definitely water proof! Do the Royal Mail accept this? Should I iron it? 

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