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Friday, 4 May 2012

The girl finds a body.

Hi everyone! It's Friday night. We decided to chill out tonight although there are lots of things to do. They can wait. We watched recorded programme about how Duran Duran's Rio was made. After that I had to dance several songs from Rio, of course.

We took our dogs to Whitstable for booster. Pearl was not happy to be inspected, but once she climbed up Mike's lap, she was calm and happy. She didn't seem to have noticed that she got an injection. Topaz let the vet inspect. But when he tried to inject around her neck, she screamed so loud, the first shot didn't get her. She screamed again on the second shot. But it's done this time. Both were given a clean bill of health. Thanks for that. 

My girl now owns a body. It is not meant to be, but it looks a bit like Kokeshi, traditional Japanese wooden doll. It was meant to be a silk worm cocoon. I will do some more trial on this.


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