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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Raindrops and Mike making bowls.

Hello everyone. How are you today? It has been grey and drizzly today here in Canterbury. But I started a day with a very good news. The little chameleon and a white mug with a rabbit on the handle travelled safe and sound to USA. I felt such relief. And Sandra is very happy with them. This is even a better news!

Rain on dandelion
May is the busiest month of the year at my day job. Even so, I try to do some ceramics after dinner as often as possible. Making something releases stress, but also uses the unused part of my brain. So after doing ceramics, all parts of my brain becomes nicely tired, and I am able to sleep well.

Raindrops on poppy flower bud
Mike has finished turning his bowls. He is happy with them, and will pick the best of them to be fired. I will probably decorate them with cobalt oxide.

Mike's bowls were turned.


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