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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

New models from kiln - sheep, chameleons and a fat bunny

Hello everyone. It was our first kiln opening day today. Since this is our first firing, everything is new to us. I was calm so that I wouldn't get too disappointed if anythings went wrong, but Mike was a bit like a child waiting for opening presents on Christmas day. Mikes thinks that firing used most of the energy from solar power, so it probably costs us some tens pence. Not bad.

Gladly it was a success. Nothing was exploded.
No causality!
Grogged white stoneware became pale biscuit colour. They look almost good enough to eat. 

Two of chameleons need a rest after being cooked.
We have frequently visited a small field of sheep last summer. There are lots of sheep in UK, although not as many as in NZ. I observed them, and took photos of them. So the images were burnt inside my brain. I digested them and now I am making my own interpretation of sheep. Mike insisted that I should make tufted ones. So one of them has a tuft on the head.

Since last Friday, I spent several hours making models everyday. I have a strong urge to create. I am oblivious to what's going on around me for sevral hours.I could hear MIke talking, but doesn't understand what he says. he still talks though! lol

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