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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My new chameleon is ready for firing.

Hello everyone. It has been a chilly day here at Canterbury. We have had thunders and showers. Our radiator is full on. I made chicken casserole. It is a perfect dish for cold days. We had it at lunch. It was yummy and very filling, too.

My simple casserole
I finally finished the Chameleon that I was commissioned. He is quite large; about 30 cm in length at this moment (he will shrink aftre firing by about 12%). Clay becomes very brittle after it becomes bone dry. So I am at most careful when I handle him. I am going to fire him on the side to protect his delicate legs. Next bisque firing will be in two weeks time, I guess. I hope everything goes well. Please cross your fingers and paws for us!

My new chameleon

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