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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A surprise in the garden.

Hello, everyone! It has been sunny today, here at Canterbury. I took my dogs to longer walks, and found myself relaxed and refreshed. Isn't sunshine lovely? It definitely has a positive effect on me.

I was tidying up the garden, and found our Japanese acer pot has a lanky weed. I pulled it out. Ta-da! It was a hazelnut that was buried by a presumably squirrel. Mike planted it into a little pot. It looks so cute! Don't you think?
Hazel nut seedling appeared from the nut buried by a squirrel.

Our dinner was another asparagus dish. Mike went to a farm shop at lunch time yesterday. We ate them with Parma ham, Parmesan cheese, a boiled egg in an olive oil based sauce yesterday. Today we ran out Parma ham, so I made a sauce with mayonnaise, whole mustard, while wine vinegar and olive oil. Ummm, it was delicious!
Asparagus and boiled egg pasta

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