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Sunday, 30 September 2012

A living wall and a red goblin

Hello everyone. Daytime noticeably became shorter. It's chilly in evenings and early mornings. I could hear the footsteps of winter coming. Mike saw a small flock of swallows flying in a circle over our house and drifting to the south this evening.  We wish them a luck on their journey to Africa.

This morning was kiln opening morning. As soon as I woke up, I got dressed and went to the garage. Mike who was eating his breakfast in the kitchen followed me. All pieces were for re-firing this time. The main pieces, which are on commission, went well. I am so glad! Others are mixed results. Some may go on eBay as seconds. We will see.

Talking of eBay, those ceramics we have listed on eBay are not showing on category search, except for one. They are on the eBay system.  I must investigate this later.

This morning we took our dogs to the University, where we both graduated from. (Not the one I am a student of). Mike kept telling me that I should go to see a living wall of one of new buildings. Exciting! Dogs caught scents of squirrels and rabbits, and they became uncooperative, but I managed to take some photos.

A living wall
A living wall,  close-up
It was definitely impressive. I  like the idea. There are ferns, primulas, rosemary, hellebore, grass, sasa etc. I am not sure if all would survive winter. Irrigation comes from a drainpipe on the left (see first photo).    

I checked my 'Narnian woods' on campus. It is a tiny woods of sliver birches. Mike and I agree that they will overgrow the allotted space. All trees were planted too close to each other. Still they take me to Narnia where fauns dance for a short time.  
My Narnian woods
When we came home with disappointed dogs (they wanted to search for rabbits and squirrels, rather than looking at a living wall, and taking photos of it!), I noticed that our flower pot is still very pretty. Mike has watered it frequently. They are miniature petunias. They will look great until the first frost comes.

Our flower pot by the front door

What I saw this morning when opened the front door was this.

I thought I saw a goblin at one moment. Then I felt I know something similar to this person (a young girl, in fact). It's my monster, who lives in woods. He can change himself to a mushroom or red berry. I wondered if she would change herself to something, too. (I thought she seemed to be able to do so). She disappeared by the time when we came home.
My little monster, Etsy

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