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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Do you know Kinkajou?

Hi Everyone! We had a sunny day today, but the air was that of autumn. The forecast is that we would have several days of warm weather. Lovely!

I was woken up just before seven by Topaz's mad barking. The reason was this chap. He comes to our hazel tree to steal nuts about 20 times a day. Anytime either of our dogs sees it running with a nut in the mouth, all hell breaks out. Flower pots on the windowsills get knocked off. The garden door was scratched.  They bark like mad dogs! And they look like mad dogs!
Nut stealing squirrel.
Late morning I took Topaz to the post office. The injuries on her feet got better and she was very happy to be taken. I wrote 'to be taken' but she actually lead me to the post office. She is clever enough to remember the route after several trips. Our route has a pelican crossing. I obligatory push the button because she won't cross it until the beeping sound for the blind starts. I taught her this since she was a puppy because I thought this might save her life one day.

Beautiful crackles on her cream coloured body.

Attractive matte cream glaze breaks to dark pink spots, beige and a bit of shiny parts.
This evening I was listing my ceramics in my Etsy shop. After I listed two whippets (above), Etsy site went down. I was ready to list my Kinkajou wall mask next. Do you know Kinkajou? They are nocturnal animal living in central and south America. They are omnivorous; parts of their diet is nectar and honey, hence they are also called  'Honey bear', although they are not related to bear family. One day I saw this animal on BBC wild life program. I like it at once, so I made a small wall mask. I did a glaze test on it. The test became so good that I kept him. Irony was that despite the test result, when I applied same layers of glazes on the one I had test for, it failed completely. The failure was probably caused by the thickness of the first glaze. Glazing is the most difficult thing in ceramics in my experience.  
Kinkajou wall mask
As Etsy is still down, I will retire early. I will list more of my ceramics, probably all September. So don't forget to check them out once a while. Good night, everyone!

From National Geographic

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