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Sunday, 9 September 2012

My largest rabbit in a bunny suit

Hello everyone. Summer is still with us. We had glorious days this weekend. Yesterday I had spent about seven hours decorating and glazing my bisque in the windowless garage, aka our glazing room. It doesn't sound nice, but I was not that bothered. I was more focused on works to be done. The kiln started this morning. It contains commissioned works, which has taken me longer than three weeks. So all our fingers are crossed! I will be nervous tomorrow morning when we open the kiln. Even now, I feel worried if I think about it. (So, I don't.)

So that was yesterday. Today I chilled and enjoyed throwing several pots for fun. I selected only three among them to be turned. One yunomi, one bowl with rim and one without. I don't throw often, but I enjoy doing it once a while. Only drawback is I have to recycle clay. It is a long messy job. At college a machine does it, but at home it is all done by hands.

Today's picture is the largest of  my recent 'Rabbit in a bunny suit' series. I have already showed you other two, the other day. He looks calm and wise. He looks a bit like a boy. All faces I have made are different.  I let clay guide me. This is only way they will have individuality and energy. That's what I want, and I know that's people want, too.

Rabbit in a bunny suit 

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