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Friday, 28 September 2012

Pearl's new pyjamas and almond croissants.

Hello everyone. It has been a tiring week only because I have suffered from flu. My body aches and I don't feel very perky. I will get rid of it this weekend!

Yesterday, Pearl's pyjamas arrived. We are delighted! She is a whining dog. Reasons vary (cold, hungry, Topaz bullying, etc) but the most frequent calls are for her blanket not over her. Being a whippet, she has no undies (undercoat) so she is very prone to cold, just like me (note: I wear undies). We usually have to cover a blanket over her about 10 times a day. So we hope the pyjamas cut the numbers of her miserable whining calls! and increase my productivity ( I have to run down from my office on the first floor to attend her blanket call downstairs . She looks cute, doesn't she? I have never been 'pink' or 'heart person'. But I buy pink for Pearl. She looks best in pink.

My new pyjamas.

Lots of hearts

Mum thinks this angle looks best. 
Last Wednesday Mike had a fantastic a half day training at Potterycrafts at Stoke-on-Trent. He has learnt a lot, so before he forgets all, I took a note. He, of course, brought back three organic almond croissants and one praline Danish from Le Pain Quotidien. Mike and I had one almond croissant each with strong coffee soon after he came home about in the evening. Although I had my supper earlier, I fancied more, so I had the Danish while Mike ate sandwiches. I hate soggy pastry, but theirs are really crispy and buttery. Oh, heaven!

If you wonder what happened to the last almond croissant, I had it at breakfast. Mike warmed it up in the oven for me next morning just before I woke up. He is so nice! I would love to have one every morning! It's my dream.
Mine was right. : )


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