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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A pack of whippets - ceramic kind

Hello everyone. I feel I have spent every minute of the day usefully today! Nicely tired and contented. This evening, I was going to watch Downton Abbey (recorded). But after dinner I somehow decided to make a pair of whippet knife rests, instead.  I made my first whippet knife rest a month ago. In fact, the smallest one was made as a Japanese brush holder, then I thought it could be a beautiful knife rest. Then, I got carried away making larger ones, which are too big for knife rests, but very nice objects.
The little one is my brush holder. 
After the white one (second from right, picture above) went to a lovely home, I felt the need to replace the gap. So I made two white whippets (the first and second from left, picture below). I made them as sculpture; they have lots of curves.
New white pair
I was very happy to see them in a pack. So I haven't even listed them for sale. ( I will later, after I get enough joy from looking at them! )

But tonight, from the beginning, I designed them as knife rests. Probably, I had enough satisfaction of making more realistic whippets when I made the last pair. A bit complicated, isn't it? But actually I have a much worse habit. After I have created something, I need time with them. I have a kind of dialogue, or a some kind of a weaning process. Sometimes it takes a long time to draw a line between them and myself. I feel they are part of me. So I seldom list my creations for sale immediately after they are fired. I just keep them in a cabinet for weeks or months! Having said that I disciplined myself to shorten the time this year. I am trying to be a grown-up!   

This evening's new creation - whippet knife rests

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