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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Looking with fresh eyes

Hello everyone. Yesterday morning we opened the kiln. The commissioned work I have been working on for weeks didn't have a good firing. I was so disappointed. First, the glaze was too thick, and second the glaze pooled in the middle of the piece; hence it hides all the details I painstakingly carved. It is similar to the feeling you have when you realise that your cake didn't rise. You have so much expectation and no result. What is worse than failed cakes is that it was some weeks' work. All air came out of me ( I could almost hear the sound), and I shriveled. I contacted the client. She is incredibly supportive and patient. I am very lucky.

This morning, I looked at them in bright sunshine. I saw how I could alter design to solve, at least partially, the problem. I feel upbeat again. Whatever I do, I seldom give up. Whatever I do, I don't compromise. I enjoy solving problems.

So, I started my day positive. I cooked lunch, which is very rare, for us. I finished turning three pots. I also threw a mug and a bowl on a wheel. I recycled clay and made lots of mess on my clothes in the process.
Three pots were turned. 
I also listed a new item on Etsy, this evening.

What is it? It is a sceptre. It might be also called a ceremonial staff. Have you ever seen in a film kings and queens hold them on their thrones? That's the one. This is inspired by Celtic art. After reading an art history book on Celtic art and a following visit to British Museum to see some of the items in the book in person, I made this and another sceptre, which I will show you later.

Is there any use? I held it in my hand whilst watching one of Narnia films. I was imagining I was one of the queens in Narnia. : ) I wished I had a medieval robe and a crown as well! So I can assure you that it fits very well in your palm. It is made to be held, but it can be buried in the garden for others to discover as an ancient object, if you like!

Poor Mike tweaked his back at work. He screams now and then when he moves. I am doing my very best to help him. I know it is excruciating. I have done it twice. So I will be extra busy looking after all animal family alone until Mike recovers. Get well soon, Mike!          

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