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Thursday, 13 September 2012

New start in autumn

Hello everyone. I returned to my day 'job' today. My brain is still in 'whole day ceramics' mode. So, I have struggled to concentrate on work. How do I persuade the brain?  I think the brain is similar to a muscle. I can train it. I force it to use the logical part, and then it will start working properly again after some days. I have heard a pianist saying if she take a day off from practicing, she would need three days to catch up. My brain is just like that.

During the summer vacation, I have listed lots of my ceramics on Etsy and eBay, read and learned from good advice on Etsy, made my business cards (I haven't showed you yet, have I?), bought boxes for shipping, taken commissioned orders and made thank you cards. It was fun!

Today, I received a letter from Canterbury Christ Church University where I am going to start a part-time postgraduate course in Fine Art and Applied Art in October. I have waited for this letter. It says that the MA  course will be on and I need to go to registration next week. Hooray! Now I am going to apply for a professional and career development loan. I have just requested paper bank statements from my bank. As soon as they arrive, I will send an application form to the bank. If it is accepted, this should help me funding the course fee. Once the course finishes in two years time, I will repay the loan. I am hoping that I can raise the most of the fees from my sales.

So, from now on, I will start adjusting our furred and feathered family for my part-time student life. I will be busier than now, and I am already busy. I know our guys (parrots, dogs, finch and chicken) will be able to adjust although they may not like the change at first.

I have muttered about myself too much. Now I will show you our recent collaborated pieces. Mike throws them on the wheel, and I drew the rabbits. They are a Japanese rabbit motif.  We both like them a lot. We also made three bowls with rabbits and some plants, but the clear glaze became lumpy inside. It was bitterly disappointing. We hope we can add some flux to make it smoother and then refire them again
Mug for strong strong coffee like cappuccino

Tea cup size
That's it today. I have injured my finger tips while I was husking hazel nuts today. So I can't do clay work tonight. I will take shower and go to sleep ( and have a nice dream, I hope ). Good night, everyone! See you soon! 


  1. I can't believe this is my first visit to your blog? I love the rabbit motif! Lovely free and expressive lines. I shall look forward to becoming a regular visitor!
    Jess x x

  2. Hello Jess, thank you! I am chuffed! It's Japanese brush painting called Sumie. It usually consists of black (ink), white (paper) and a small amount of red (insignia). But in ceramics, we, Japanese, use indigo and white. : )